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Effectively deterring birds and wildlife from landing and living in oil sands tailing ponds has a major impact on the financial risk, environmental footprint and social perception of the oil sands industry. 


SGS has been an important partner in bird and wildlife deterrence programs and bird rescue and bird and wildlife monitoring in oil sands projects since 1995.

Year round, SGS has highly experienced teams working on our Bird Management Program. We have the experience and the capacity to deploy active and passive bird deterrent and detraction equipment from time-tested bird cannons and effigies. We also have innovative holographic images and laser technologies. Our highly effective bird detraction, deterrent and detection techniques are most commonly used in the spring months and include:

Bird Detraction

  • Repellers - holographic images, 3D models, ultrasonic, wailers
  • Flight diverters - kites, balloons, effigies of humans and predatory birds

Bird Deterrence

  • Avian dissuaders
    Passive: laser technologies  (single point)
    Active: audible devices (cannons adapted to RF technology, screamers and other noise making devices)

Bird Detection

  • Systems supporting early warning and radar technology

SGS also works closely with oil sands operators on wildlife and bird monitoring, bird rescue, retrieval, handling and release. Our bird and wildlife experts implement accurate data management programs to monitor and report all bird deterrence activities.

SGS is a world leader in oil sands technologies. Rely on us for the bird and wildlife deterrence programs that will result in an improved public image and reduced risk of litigation at your oil sands project.